Gable Piano provides the following services:


  • Tuning & Repair Service
  • Rebuilding
  • Performance Piano Rentals


All piano tuning, repair and rebuilding is performed by Roger Gable, Registered Piano Technician (RPT). Registered Piano Technicians have been tested and certified by the Piano Technicians GuildĀ® as qualified tuners/technicians. There is no other testing and educational organization for the piano technician in the United States.


Pianos that have not been tuned for more than 2 years may experience instability with the first tuning until a subsequent tuning (usually within 6 months) is performed.

All pianos are tuned to standard pitch (A=440) unless otherwise noted.

Most pianos will cost $135.00 - $145.00 (in regular service area).

There may be an additional charge for concert tuning.

Tuning fees include needed minor repairs.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Service call, $65.00 (the cost to knock on your door).

Hourly repair rate at $65.00/hr.

The most common routine piano repairs are:

  • Regulation: The adjustment of the mechanical moving parts (keys & action), to insure an even touch to the keyboard.
  • Voicing: The adjustment of the hammer hardness, to insure an even tone throughout the piano.
  • Sticking keys: This is considered, in most cases, a minor repair.
  • Broken strings: A moderate repair costing in most cases $20.00 to $30.00, with single custom bass string replacement costing approximately $75.00.



Rebuilding involves disassembly of part or all of the piano, and replacement of parts needed to return the piano as closely as possible to its original condition. Only highly experienced piano technicians have the rebuilding skills to properly perform this work. Roger Gable has been an active member of the Piano Technicians GuildĀ® (PTG) for over 20 years. He has presented technical classes and written articles related to piano technology. He is highly respected for his technical knowledge and rebuilding skills.

Assessing what work a piano needs:

Piano rebuilding (as with any technical art) is best performed by a person with many years of experience. Complete rebuilding is not economically justified for most pianos. Mr. Gable will always discuss the practicality of any rebuild or major repair you may consider. It is not worth investing more than $500 in repairs on spinet pianos and most pre-World War II upright pianos.